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Saint Martha Feast Day Community Candle Altar Service July 29 2019 – PAST OUT OF STOCK


In this community candle altar service for Saint Martha’s feast day, we leave it to you as to how you want to pray to Martha. Will it be to dominate or control a situation? Will you keep naysayers and the “dragons” in your life at bay? Or, you may decide to ask Martha to help you be of more service to others.

Saint Martha the Dominator – Depending on your religious background, she may be known simply as “St. Martha.” In many depictions, she is holding a torch, a bible, and holy water, with a dragon under her feet. In folklore, Martha is generally regarded as the only female slayer of dragons.

Martha has gained a reputation for helping people to dominate a person or a situation. Her story originates in France, where there was, according to legend, a dangerous and deadly dragon. Martha was able to subdue the dragon by using only holy water and a cross.

St. Martha is a patron saint of housewives, serviceworkers, and hospitality. However, many people pray to her when they need help taking charge of a difficult situation or person.

While many faiths pray to St. Martha, she is especially regarded in Hoodoo. Many swear by her ability to assist in control of challenging situations or people without causing any harm.

“Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus.” This unique statement in John’s gospel tells us of the special relationship Jesus had with Martha, her sister, and her brother.

Apparently Jesus was a frequent guest at Martha’s home in Bethany, a small village two miles from Jerusalem. We read of three visits in Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-53, and John 12:1-9.

Many of us find it easy to identify with Martha in the story Luke tells. Martha welcomes Jesus and his disciples into her home and immediately goes to work to serve them.

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St. Martha’s favorite offerings are water, white wine, white flowers, Florida Water Cologne, and dessert breads.

It is believed that the energy of the Christian St. Martha reflects that of the loa known as Filomena Lubana. Filomena Lubana is not really the Christian St. Martha, at least not in Dominican vodou, who does not associate Lubana with any Catholic Saint. But she is associated with Marta La Dominadora. Marta La Dominadora origins can be traced back to Africa, legend has it she dominated a snake using her powerful flute saving a little boy from harm.