Candle Altar Services - Candle Magick spells

Candle Altar Service – Candle Magick spells
Candle burning altar services are, in hoodoo, often referred to as The Setting of Lights. This is a form of candle magick where I take your petitions and prayers and attach them to seven-days candles. The candles are dressed with my anointing oils and herbs for the purpose you seek, prayed over, and lit in your name. This type of candle magic is also called a candle altar service.

When your candle has finished burning, I perform divination in the wax by looking at how the candle burned within the glass. Some signs to look for are soot, wax lines, leftover wax, and when the candle burns perfectly clean it is a good sign. You are then emailed a report about how your candle burned in accordance to the petition you submitted with it. Candle Magic is probably one of my favorite forms of spell work. I can perform these candle rituals in both the hoodoo tradition and through traditional witchcraft.

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